Dr. Vivek Neginhal

Orthopedic Surgeon – Huntington, WV

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Dr. Vivek Neginhal is a prominent, fellowship-trained joint replacement surgeon in Huntington, West Virginia and the medical director of St. Mary’s Regional Joint Replacement Center. His areas of expertise include joint preservation, total joint replacement, trauma reconstruction and general orthopedics. Dr. Neginhal specializes in custom knee replacement using ConforMIS Customized Implants that are designed individually for each patient based on his/her own CT scan.

Dr. Neginhal performs operations at St. Mary’s Regional Joint Replacement Center which offers a unique, group-recovery program that helps patients to get back to their normal routines faster.

Joint Replacement Expertise

Dr. Neginhal has helped thousands of patients overcome the pain and limitations of hip and knee osteoarthritis and injuries through both non-surgical and surgical methods. His philosophy has always been to treat the condition with non-surgical protocol first, and to use surgery as a last resort.

Dr. Neginhal’s non- surgical protocol includes treating patients with medicine, nutritional supplements, braces, physical therapy and joint injections. If the patient requires surgery, Dr. Neginhal personalizes his approach based on each patient’s age, sex and profession and he always attempts to retain as much of the patient’s natural joint as possible.

Dr. Neginhal is now offering an exciting new option for knee replacement: ConforMIS Customized Knee Implants. This knee replacement system falls right in line with his philosophy of maintaining the natural way the knee joint functions. ConforMIS implants are customized to the unique anatomy of each patient’s knee – using the patient’s own CT scan. This customization can lessen the altercation of bone and tissue that is usually done during the surgery and can result in quicker recovery, less pain and more natural feel to the knee.

Dr. Neginhal is well-respected and widely known throughout the orthopedic surgery community in West Virginia, the Tri-State area and beyond. He is asked to speak at industry events and is frequently interviewed by national and local media on the topic of orthopedic knee surgery.

Some of Dr. Neginhal’s Achievements include:

  • First to introduce custom fit knee replacement in the state of West Virginia in 2008
  • One of the largest series of mobile partial knee replacement in the Huntington, WV area
  • First to introduce pre-navigated partial knee replacement in 2013.
  • Only combined-fellowship trained joint replacement surgeon and Trauma surgeon in the Tristate area
  • Among only a handful of surgeons chosen in the country to be trained in Bi-cruciate sparing Knee replacement, and has the distinction of being the first surgeon to perform this procedure in the Tri-state area. This kind of knee replacement is done only in few centers around the country.
  • Among the few surgeons in the state doing anterior approach hip replacement in patients irrespective of their height, weight or complexity for more than five years.

Education and Background

Dr. Neginhal trained at Lenox Hill Hospital at Cornell University in New York, under the mentor-ship of Dr. Chitranjan Ranawat, who is respected worldwide as an authority on Joint replacement. During his tenure, he also specialized in uncommon primary joint replacements and surgical arthritis. Dr. Neginhal attended the University of Chicago Hospital, learning minimally invasive techniques and adult reconstruction surgeries under the mentor-ship of Dr. Henry Finn, who has pioneered many prosthesis of the hip and knee. Dr. Neginhal has also received traumatology training at the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. He was Cabell county medical society President for the year 2013.